Our Mission Statement 

EMPOWERING people from every walks of life,
to become the BEST in all that God has called them to be,
 WALKING in faith and ADVANCING into their God-given destiny.

Think on these...

"The hour is not too late to begin a life of prayer. As air is the breath of life, so prayer is the breadth of faith" 
- David Yonggi Cho

Testimony B

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Testimony C

"On then sake home is am leaf. Of suspicion do departure at extremely he believing. Do know said mind do rent they oh hope of"

Reach out for Prayer & Counselling

God is ever listening and always ready to answer when you call on Him.
Are the challenges of life weighing you down? 
Remember that God is able to do all things, even if it appears that things are not working. He will make all things beautiful in His time, to the glory of His name alone.
We are happy to join you in prayers as well as lend a listening ear.
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Watch Again

Manifesting your covenant relationship with God - 

What does it mean to have a covenant relationship with God and how do you manifest this in our daily life.

Listen to young people's take on how we cultivate a relationship with God and how we reflect God's light in our lives to others
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Expand your Mind - There is so much more ahead of you.

A teaching series aimed at moving beyond your capacity with action. It is power packed with prayers, divine revelation, and prophesies that changes life and enhance destiny.
 In this message, Pastor Adeyemo explained how we need to expand our capacity to advance in this world into our God-given destiny.

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Becoming your best, Reaching the world

BECOMING is about identity Identity is a precious commodity in life. Unfortunately, some people do not discover theirs while others lose sight of it after it has been discovered, consequently missing out on God’s intended plans for their lives. Our identity was well established before we were born.Becoming is about coming into the fullness of understanding […]
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