Youth Church

We love the gospel and the hope it gives to all people from all walks of life. Our members are at a pivotal stage of life where so much happens. Career decisions are made, lifelong friendships are formed, identities and habits are cultivated and more.

We tackle important topics that are relevant to our young people, while building their knowledge of scripture and encouraging them to build an intimate relationship with God for themselves.

Our youth church is very much a family and everything we do is inclusive of all members; whether already mature in their faith or just starting out, there is a place for everyone during our services.

We believe the need for community, peace, joy, love, forgiveness, redemption, confidence, hope, mercy and grace are just as important in youth lives as any adult. If these are things you’ve been looking for, or you’re simply curious and have questions about the good news of Jesus Christ; you are more than welcome in our youth church!

Richard, Bukky & Ayo
Youth Leaders


Provide Youths with the necessary grounding  and foundations in faith to navigate through different issues through God's help 

Encourage and strengthened Youth by the good news of the Gospel, in order to successfully navigate whatever they may go through in life.

Equip Youth with the knowledge and boldness to share the gospel.


Debates & Quizzes

Group Activities

Presentations & Discussion
Our mission is to equip young people from Year 8 through to University with the necessary tools of faith to thrive in today’s world
Society today has changed drastically in the 21st century. Young people face challenges like never before whether in education, peer pressure, societal pressures, etc. In all the chaos of life and this ever-changing world, we need a community of God's people

We provide a family for young believers to explore the Word, cultivate and develop their relationship with God, whilst experiencing all the glorious riches to be found in Christ.

Join our key activities

Youth & Teenagers Sunday Service

Every Sunday 10am-11:30am

Church Premises

Youth Conference

July 2022
+44 (0) 207 277 1777

11 - 14 Graces Mews, London , SE5 8JF.

United Kingdom.

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